Greeting Etiquette

When you enter a room, step aside, look round and once you identify any one you know, make eye contact smile and say hello.

Stand when someone new comes into the room whether you are a man or woman.

Introduce yourself and extend a hand.

Mention your first name and last name.

Make it simple and easy to remember.

Do not reel out several names.

Wait to learn the other person’s name.

If you did not get it the first time, politely ask for a repeat.

Introduce the older to the younger – for example, your dad, “Dad, meet Irene my colleague in the office.”

Your boss, “Mr Ekenna, please meet my friend Irene.”

You should introduce the person of higher social standing. For example, “Mr. President, please meet lsaac Reubens, the Director General of Elite Group of Companies.”

Handshakes should be firm and not a bone crusher. It should last till the other person say their name.

End the meeting with hand shake and say how nice it is meeting them.

Be confident and wear a positive attitude.

If you promise to follow up, please do. Make a call or visit. Send an email. Follow up is the key to success.

Clara Kolade
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Clara Kolade

Clara is an engaging speaker, business woman and a mother that is passionate about sound parenting. She is the Chief Facilitator of the Exigo Finishing School and a Director in Ververia Limited.

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