My Journey Into Mature Singlehood

The evening had been off to a good start- cool music, cocktails and nice ambience.

I was having so much fun at the bridal shower organized quarterly for ladies who were getting married soon. I always never want to miss it!

It was an all Ladies affair and everyone was wearing a touch of pink and the highpoint of the event was the introduction of the brides-to-be to the audience. They each had to catwalk to the podium to take their seat before they shared their love story. I love love stories!

I was however peeved at the way some of the Ladies just could not do the cat-walk!

“Can you Imagine? Give me that runway and I will show you some real good catwalk”, I whispered to myself with a nostalgic smile. Since I was a child, I had always dreamt of becoming a super model, a dream I still secretly nurse even though I am over-aged.

I got the strut and I know it!

I know, call me vain…lol!

As the evening wound to an end, the Coordinator of the women’s group came up the stage to give her vote of thanks and while at it, she introduced the various arms of the group.

I was lost in my fantasy and listening from a very distant “far away” until she said something that jolted me:

“The Mature Singles Group is for ladies who have reached the age of thirty and are still single…”

My countenance dropped immediately as realization hit me – I was going to be thirty in a few months! The joy of the entire evening was completely sucked out of me in that split-second…

I turned to my friend sitting beside me.

“I am going to be a mature single girl!”, I lamented with a distraught look.

She looked at me, bemused, “But I am a mature single girl already.” She said, offering no comfort at all.

It was on this perplexed note that I began my journey into the world of the ‘Mature Singles’.

Some years have passed now and nothing much has changed since that evening… Except my perception about ‘Singlehood’.

Photo Credit: Greg Robbins via Compfight cc

Bukola Adekanye
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Bukola Adekanye

Bukola loves to use her God given talent for writing to inspire and entertain. She runs a dedicated blog for small businesses,, a humor blog, and writes a travel column in the DiscoveryMen Magazine of the Fountain of Life Church. She is passionate about helping women attain their full potentials and she run an online community that seeks to empower women through peer-mentoring and resource sharing. She also wants to see singles live fulfilled and wholesome lives; In her upcoming book “When the wait is so long” she shares her experience and lessons learnt as a Mature single in a down-to-earth and witty manner, with the hope to help others find purpose in waiting. She currently volunteers as a counsellor in her church.

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