Phone Etiquette

A caller can only hear you, so speak clearly, slowly, cheerfully and be professional.

Always identify yourself. For example, “Good morning, Bright Academy, Monica speaking. How may I help you?”

Speak into the mouth piece.

Be warm, genuine and attentive.

Mind your tone and show respect.

Put your thoughts together before making or receiving a call.

Focus and avoid distractions.

If you must attend to something else, ask for permission to end the call. Say excuse me, can I call back.

Do not keep people on the line indefinitely because the call is at their expense.

If you do not have answers to their enquiry, say so and let the caller be told that you will get back with answers.

Suggest connecting to another staff and make it fast.

Let the caller know if you have placed the conversation on speaker.

Turn off or place phone on vibration at meeting

Activate voice mail so your where about is known and the time to call back.

Acknowledge messages by calling back. Treat every call with utmost courtesy and respect.

Speak in low tones.

Avoid rushing to the phone. Allow for a second ring before pick up and make sure the caller hangs up the phone first.

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