Valentine Blues… The Morning After!

It’s Valentine Day and everyone is scuttling along excitedly.

You scroll through your phone to see your contacts’ display pictures and updates. Facebook, and every social medium are awash with declarations of love as status updates.

You scoff at them for being so showy and you assure yourself that if it were you, you wouldn’t put up all that show.

You wonder if most of them are truly that happy with their partners? You even imagine that some of them bought their own gifts just to keep up an appearance.

You convince yourself that you are a very private person and don’t like the noise and buzz about Val’s day – it’s overhyped and just another scheme for marketer to commercialise the day.

You even start to imagine how you would spend your future Valentine day with your significant other; a quiet candle-lit, three-course dinner served in the sanctity of your living room, a movie and lights-out afterwards.

The thought makes you smile.

What you refuse to admit is that you keep stealing a glance at your phone, hoping it rings and when it does, you are anxious, hoping it is some special person declaring their undying love to you and asking you to be theirs forever.

Your eyes are fixated on the clock, wishing the day away and since it is slow in passing, you order yourself a treat – after all, you owe it to yourself to be happy.

The meal arrives, cold, uninspiring, and distant.

You want to close early from work “because the traffic will get crazy”, you tell your colleagues, but deep down you know you are trying to get away from the day and the sickening feeling it has brought.

It’s just 8 p.m., but you turn off the TV and tuck yourself into bed since no one will do it for you. Your sigh hits the pillow before your head does.

Does this in anyway sound familiar to anyone?

Bukola Adekanye
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Bukola Adekanye

Bukola loves to use her God given talent for writing to inspire and entertain. She runs a dedicated blog for small businesses,, a humor blog, and writes a travel column in the DiscoveryMen Magazine of the Fountain of Life Church. She is passionate about helping women attain their full potentials and she run an online community that seeks to empower women through peer-mentoring and resource sharing. She also wants to see singles live fulfilled and wholesome lives; In her upcoming book “When the wait is so long” she shares her experience and lessons learnt as a Mature single in a down-to-earth and witty manner, with the hope to help others find purpose in waiting. She currently volunteers as a counsellor in her church.

One thought on “Valentine Blues… The Morning After!

  • February 16, 2016 at 12:35 pm

    Great read. I enjoyed this piece+its filled with humour too.
    Well done Big Sis and the admin of this blog.
    I love it already!


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